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After creating Hotmail account, as we have explained in detail in this blog, this time we will teach you how to write a new Hotmail email, step by step in a complete guide to optimize each of the tools and options that we Offers free webmail from Microsoft.

With the new update of Hotmail, renewing from its image until its name. Microsoft decided to summarize all its email services in one name, and it was no exception its free webmail, which changed its domain to This change of domain, will not damage the old accounts of Hotmail and in addition you can continue choosing to create your new mail with both extensions both @hotmail and @outlook.

To write a new Hotmail / Outlook email, first we must log in to our account by entering the web address that will automatically be redirected to, where we must place our email address and password access.


Once inside the Hotmail inbox, we can see all the incoming mail and as we see in the upper right there is a + symbol followed by a link that says “New”, clicking will open an email format that We must complete as follows.

Hotmail: Compose new email

The following image lists the steps to follow to compose an email with your webmail Hotmail / Outlook.


  1. Put in this box the email destination (to whom we want to send it).
  2. Here we will place the Subject by which we send this email to you. The same must be a descriptive title that anticipates the content of the same.
  3. The content of email.
  4. In this toolbar, we have all the formats that we can give the content of our email: font, character size, bold, italic, underline, color, alignment (left, center, right, justified), insert links, etc.
  5. At this point we can see the attachment options: if we click on button that has the shape of a clip, allows us to attach files from our computer, from OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Facebook. Then we have the option of inserting images and we can also attach the classic emojis.

Video: How to write a Hotmail email?

Any questions about how to write your Hotmail emails, leave us your comments in the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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