Create Hotmail Account

Internet users who need an email to operate on the network, and we recommend one of the most complete and outstanding webmail services in the world. We are talking about Hotmail, certainly one of the first and is currently owned by Microsoft, which allows us an integration online with many services of ls company like Office Online (Word, Excel, Power Point, Sway and Note), storage in the cloud with One Drive , Access without having to install software to Skype chat, among other tools.

Microsoft has made several updates that help the user to simply and easily use all of their functions. Below we explain in the following guide, how to create hotmail account.

How to Create Hotmail Account

First Step: We enter in our web browser and write in the address bar and we will redirect to the new name of the free webmail of Microsoft.

Step Two: Once on the main page of Hotmail / Outlook we click on the “Create One” link to begin the process of creating a Hotmail account.


Step 3: Now we must complete an account registration form that asks us for the following data: First and last name, user name of email, access password, country / region, birthdate and gender. After placing our personal data we have to place two options of recovery of account in case of forgetting password, one is through our telephone number and the other is entering an alternative email.


Step 4: Finish the process after completing a captcha and left click on the blue button Create Account and then pressing the button you will have direct access to the incoming email from your new free online Outlook / Hotmail email.

Advantages of creating a Hotmail account

Once we enter our Hotmail, we can see the number of new features and advantages that you have after having changed its interface and its name to Outlook. Among the most outstanding features is the total synchronization with our mobile phone with Windows Phone operating system. All your services and tools can be synchronized: One Drive (online storage), Office Online, Calendars, Contacts, among others.

And this is not all, we can also access from the inbox to our Skype chat, can make both voice calls and video calls without having to install the program on your computer.

Here is a video of how to create Hotmail account so you can see more clearly how to do it. If you still have doubts, write your questions in the comments and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Video of the process of creation of Hotmail account

How to composeĀ a Hotmail email

After entering the inbox from, by placing our email address and password, we click on a link in the upper right that says “New” accompanied by a circle with a + sign. And we will appreciate a simple electronic mail fromato where we place the destination email, the subject, the content and if we need to attach some image or file we do it from the tools menu. Complete and send by clicking on the “Send” button.

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