EU proposes more privacy for Hotmail users

The EU has just proposed a new law to limit the privacy of users of online services such as Gmail, Hotmail / Outlook by preventing them from scanning your emails to send personalized advertising, giving the user the ability to choose what type of advertising to receive.

It is important to keep in mind that services like Whatsapp and Facebook will use the information of our video calls, knowing the location and the duration of them.

The new proposal of the European Union that would put limits to different services of electronic mail and messenger, would affect to a significant way the income in publicity for the companies of Internet. Among the examples of countries that have already taken measures we can emphasize that Germany does not let the data share between Facebook and Whatsapp.

Technological companies should warn users of the confidentiality of their conversations, they should also request permission from them to be invaded to receive personalized advertising. The majority of online services are supported through advertising so they will be affected in Europe if it carries out the measure, which aims to put a brake on the great United States like Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

The Digital Privacy Act in the European Community

┬áThis law is framed with the name of privacy law digitalm that will also request the web searchers, if they want to allow sites that install “cookies” in the same are our personal data and will allow them to direct advertising referred to them and the sites that we go browsing.

Spam both in SMS text messages, phone calls or through emails, will be vetoed if users do not agree to receive them. Regarding advertising calls should be identified by a call prefix of “marketing”, and if they decide not to receive it more we can decide it and they will not enter more. Continue reading