How to pass all your contacts from Hotmail to Gmail

It is very useful to avoid losing the information of our contacts, store them in our email Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo among others, since we have such data easily from any computer and at the same time can also be synchronized from our mobile phone.

Taking into account the previous paragraph and the importance that today have the mobile phones is essential the synchronization in case of losing the mobile device. And in this note we will explain how to export contacts from a Hotmail account and then import them into a Gmail account, to have all your contacts in both webmail services. The steps are very easy and we explain in a simple way so that you quickly have all your contacts in the Google services that simultaneously synchronize automatically with your Android OS.

Export Contacts from your Hotmail account

1. You must log in to your Hotmail account from Outlook Live.

2. Then we have to click the menu at the top left and select “People”.
3. Now inside the “People” link, you must select “Manage” and then “Export”. You can mark the contacts you want, or in their default “All contacts”. You will download a file in .csv format; You must remember its location because you will need it when importing from Gmail.

Import from your Gmail account

1. First we must enter into our Gmail account.

2. Now click on the menu in the upper right corner you should go to “Contacts”.

3. Then in the “More” drop-down menu you will have to select ”Import ”.

4. Next we select the file (.csv) of contacts that you have generated Hotmail when exporting as we saw earlier.

5. Once found the file we select the “Import” option and you will quickly have the same contacts that you had in Hotmail entered in Gmail.

If you still do not understand how to do it, do not worry, make your query through the comments and will be answered by our team of editors as soon as possible. You can also leave your query in any of our social networks available.

Advantages of having a Hotmail / Outlook account

It is important to keep in mind that when creating a Hotmail / Outlook account, we access all services, as we obtain a Microsoft account accessing a large number of services and tools from the inbox.

Once we enter the inbox of our email Hotmail, entering our email address and password of access, we can see in the upper left corner an icon with nine small squares forming a square, click and we can see all the advantages That you have when you have created your Hotmail / Outlook account.

Next we will tell you in detail each one of the services and tools that we can see in the following image.

Hotmail Tools

  • Mail: is the web-based and totally free email sending and receiving services that happened to be called and changed the domain to
  • Calendar: from here we can manage our appointments and appointments by date and time synchronizing and creating alarms with our mobile phone, taking your agenda everywhere.
  • People: here we can manage, create, edit or delete contacts, and synchronize them with our mobile phone with Windows Phone operating system.
  • OneDrive: gives us 5 GB of online storage in the cloud so you can carry your important files everywhere.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerPoint y Sway: All the tools of the Microsoft Office package online, being able to open, edit and create any of the documents.
  • Skype: is the instant messaging service that stands out for being able to make voice calls and video calls. It can be run online from the Hotmail inbox. This way we will not have to install any software on our computer.
  • Bing: Microsoft web browser, to find everything you need on the net.
  • MSN: News portal with several categories of information: Entertainments, Finance, Time, Travel, recipes, sports, health, lifestyles, among others.

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